The Art of Acceptance

Sounds complicated but in reality it’s quite straight forward. Accepting is a concept I have begun to use in my day to day life, it’s something so simple and as a complete over-thinker, it’s actually been a little bit difficult to get my head around at times.

I’ve had a couple of stressful situations to deal with lately, one of them being an induction day at a sixth form. You know when you picture an event happening and you almost convince yourself that what your thinking is going to happen? I saw me, sitting completely by myself with no friends, munching away on my tuna wrap looking like an absolute freak in the corner. When in reality what happened was, I met loads of lovely people, we all sat together, and no one was the freak eating the tuna wrap in the corner.

I was so nervous, going somewhere by yourself is a big deal. But from somewhere deep within me, I drew from this overpowering energy to just accept that it was going to happen. Whether the situation I had thought up in my head was going to happen or not, I still had to go and I just had to accept it. There was nothing I could do to control what would happen, I  had to go in with an open mind and luckily it all worked out perfectly!

What I think I’m trying to say in that whole tuna wrap analogy is…in life you just have to accept things. If somethings going to happen, it will happen and no amount of stressing or worrying over it is going to change that. I might not like the fact that I have a dentist appointment next week, but I’m accepting that I have to go and I’m leaving it at that.

For some strange reason, ‘accepting’ has really helped me to diffuse my brain when it starts to think irrationally. Instead of continually worrying about something, I can leave it there and put it to bed. In a way it’s made me a much happier person, I have wasted less time stressing over things that are going to happen whether I stress about them or not. It really is quite straight forward!

Hopefully this helped some of you! Maybe I’m talking a load of babble but I think it makes sense. It can be applied to so many different situations, even self acceptance. I know I have freckles, I can’t get rid of them, so I’m just going to learn to embrace them!

Have a great week, lots of love

Mia xox



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